Friday, February 22, 2013

Fingerprintz is a type of Line Art under a category similar to Meditative Doodles and or Tangles.

What makes Fingerprintz distinct is the form they follow, which is similar to that of a human finger print.  Each one is unique, no two are alike.

"Share" - Feb. 2013
It had been a long time in the planning. The mental steps, the players and the pieces all in line, all set my head. I had to start.

Flitting about as a sometimes playful gesture, other times with a grit of the teeth and a wince, that promise is made to start tomorrow. So many things going on that beg for attention, it's terribly hard to pull away. But when I do, when I find that moment, I doodle.

It can be described as a variety of line art most closely associated with Meditative Doodles and Tangles.

As I set out to explore and know more specifically of the art I was creating, the situation became a bit frustrating. Of course I had Google, but "what" do I Google? I have to have a word of a subject line for the search field. 

Visits to the museum, art galleries, art schools. Phone calls and visits with professors and librarians turned up nothing. I learned more about the subject in general, but the essentials were still unknown. 

Many more days followed and they turned into weeks. Still nothing. 

It's funny how a thought can sit in the back of your mind and by way of persistence, finally win you over. It's not that it's made a huge ruckus in your mind, it's the fact that it hasn't left yet. Time to pay it some attention. You let it fully enter your mind, as a house guest into your house, and entertain it. 

The thought sinks in and begins to take the form of a larger idea. It grows. 

Own it, make it yours, Just Do It, steal like an artist, zoom, ship it, go, now. Start.

Fingerprintz. It was right there under my nose. I knew I had found something special. Simple and quaint. Black and white. Lines and curves. Put it all together and the design becomes beautiful and intriguing. The contours and flow follow that of the human finger. Unique and identifying.

I would call this an experiment, except that experiments are meant to fail. A gentle reminder that...

"You only fail when you quit trying"

...puts the ball and decision back in your court. I can tweak and revise all I want, that's just part of the program. It's when I've stopped doing it is when I've failed. After all, I'm not looking for a perfect formula. The enjoyment comes simply creating it, not judging on how well it was made or its particular characteristics.

I hope you'll continue to stop by and enjoy some Fingerprintz. Cheers!

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